Recruitment Process

Bespoke Solutions

Our focus is to find you the best available newly qualified to 4 years post-qualification talent. Every company is different and therefore the every need will be bespoke. We work with you to ensure that we achieve exactly what you’re looking for.

Nonstop Updates

Communication is key. We aim to deliver the best candidates while giving you the best experience and communication is key to our success.

Advanced Tools

Recruitment technology is ever advancing. We have numerous methods of not just finding the best talent but ensuring we get to the quickly to put them, and yourselves, in the driving seat of your business or team growth.

Dedicated Support

You will have a dedicated resource that will be available to you consistently. Should it be a query on process, candidates or just how we are getting on then you will have that access throughout the duration of search.

Great Opportunities

We work, and have connections with, some of the leading finance teams in the world. This could open doors to a career that you never thought possible straight after qualification and beyond.

Constant Communication

We understand how hard it is to find a career, or even making the decision to change jobs. That’s why we will keep you updated consistently through the process.

Career Guidance

We aim to be a recruitment partner for your career. Our focus for finding newly qualified people into their first roles is key, however we are able to help with guidance before qualification so you are well informed once you start your job search.

Full Interview Process Support

Interviews can often be daunting and vary between employer. We make sure a large part of our job is to ensure you are fully prepared and confident through all the stages of the recruitment and interview process.

Looking for a job?

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Kindly submit your CV to us, and a team member will get in touch with you to discuss available opportunities.